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Want to better understand the benefits of careers in community organisations?
Need to hear from someone with insight, understanding and passion for our sector? Book an ACT Career Ambassador for a school presentation, panel discussion or industry expo. Our ambassadors can share their personal experience of building a rewarding career in the ACT community sector.

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What are Career Ambassadors

Our colleagues in the ACT Community Sector love their work and they want to share their experience with you.

That’s why they have volunteered to be Career Ambassadors as part of the ACT Community Sector Careers Gateway.

Our Career Ambassadors are at different stages of their careers and come from a variety of sectors and backgrounds and can be booked to attend an event or a one-on-one discussion.

How Career Ambassadors Can Assist

Insight into the sector

Career Ambassadors can provide unmatched insights into the rewards and benefits of a career in the ACT Community Sector.

Answer any questions

Our colleagues will openly and honestly share opportunities and challenges they have faced and how they have dealt with them. They will answer any question you or your students may have.

Share career experience

Career Ambassadors from all stages of their career journey can share their experience of training and development and options for promotion and career progression.

Snapshot of career options

Workers from the sector at all stages of their career can give advice on types of work and how to identify and secure the right role for you.

Meet Our Career Ambassadors

Meet our amazing ACT Community Sector Ambassadors, learn about their career journey and share their passion for supporting the Canberra community.

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