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Join the ACT community sector and feel good about your job and enjoy flexibility, great benefits and exciting opportunities for career progression.

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Job Satisfaction

Everyday know that you made a difference.

Join a sector with one of the highest levels of job pride and satisfaction in Australia.

  • Directly improve the lives of other people and your community – and be paid to do it!
  • Be a superhero. Fight for the rights of your clients, who often are people that can’t fight for themselves.
  • Be part of an industry that people are proud of.
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Shared Values

The community sector offers inclusive, respectful and safe workplaces. Join us and work with colleagues that share your values and goals. Build networks and create lasting and meaningful friendships with colleagues

  • Work with people who share your values.
  • Be part of safe and welcoming workplaces.
  • Work with caring, likeminded and supportive colleagues.
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Career Progression

The community sector provides many opportunities for career growth and progression. Grow on your own terms, with ongoing training and supportive workplaces. Start in an entry level position and make your way up to management.

  • There are dozens of roles in the community sector that you can switch between and across until you find what you really love.
  • The community sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Australia. That means more opportunities for your career growth and progression.
  • The community sector has many senior management and leadership roles. Did you know that many community sector CEOs started out as frontline workers?
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The community sector offers huge flexibility. We recognise that people have complex lives and responsibilities beyond work.

Our workplaces enable individuals to achieve the right balance between their personal commitments and work.

  • The ACT Community Sector offers flexible working opportunities including job sharing, flex-time, compressed work weeks, part-time opportunities and many types of leave and sabbaticals.
  • Community sector organisations are located across the ACT and many offer the opportunity to work from home.
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Salary Packaging

Many community sector organisations are charities. That means you can salary package – pay for items and services or contribute to super using your pre-tax income making your salary more valuable.

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Ongoing Training

Never stop growing and improving with a career in the community sector. You can expand your skills through many training opportunities on the job or through paid study leave. We also train and develop managers from within the sector to become our future leaders.

  • From mental health first aid and personal wellbeing to leadership skills to job specific capabilities, the community sector values and supports its staff to stay up to date and to expand their skills.
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Portable Long Service Leave

The ACT portable long service leave scheme for community sector workers in the ACT means you can move from employer to employer in the community sector while still accruing long service leave.

The scheme even allows workers to accrue service for the purposes of long service leave while self-employed!

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