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Many of our leaders started in frontline or mid-level roles. That experience equips our leaders with a deep understanding of how we can best support our clients and colleagues.

An emerging leader demonstrates their potential to take on leadership roles and responsibilities through their daily attitude and behaviour.

Can you become a leader in the ACT Community Sector? Does this sound like you?

Emerging leaders are committed to their sector, its issues and its people.


Emerging leaders have a point of view, a perspective and a desire to have a bigger impact in the sector.


Emerging leaders are respected for not just what they do, but for how they do it.


Emerging leaders are self-aware and reflective. This enables them to continually challenge their limits and grow.


Emerging leaders are proactive when it comes to personal and professional opportunities to learn, develop, and identify ways to improve practices and outcomes.


Emerging leaders have a solid track record of achieving outcomes. They continually seek out feedback on their performance.

Risk aware

Emerging leaders challenge the status quo and push boundaries.


If they weren’t in the role there would be a noticeable absence of leadership.


Emerging leaders can see the ‘big picture’ and self-project themselves into that vision.


Emerging leaders are network-driven and visible to more than just their immediate team / organisation.

For more information the ACT Community Sector has created a tool for existing community sector workers to reflect on and assess leadership potential and to plan for the next steps towards becoming a senior leader.


ACT Community Sector Careers Gateway (ACTCSCG)

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