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Meet our amazing ACT Community Sector Ambassadors, learn about their career journey and share their passion for supporting the Canberra community.

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Name: Nishi
Pronouns: She/Her
Role: Centre Manager
Sub-Sector: Children and Young People|Community Development|Early Childhood|Education and Training
History: Career change community

Nishi is a centre manager at Lollipop Early Learning Centre at Woden Community Service (WCS). She has been in the early learning industry for more than 22 years. She started her career as a biology teacher for primary and secondary students. A few years later, she studied the Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood Education in New Zealand. Nishi worked in New Zealand as an Early Childhood teacher for 15 years. She then moved to Canberra in 2015 and has worked in two different community organisations to build experience in the community sector. She now has management role in the community sector. A big focus of her work at the WCS, is to support children and families experiencing vulnerability. She has initiated projects with families and children throughout the year to collect funds for programs like The Little Pantry which supports people in need. Nishi is proud to be part of an organisation that supports the community and has provided the opportunity to progress in her career.


I’ve worked in the private sector as well and seen the difference. When somebody says ‘community sector’, the first thing that comes into my mind, is team and togetherness. You’re not alone. There’s always support. There’s always someone to look after you and support you.

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