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Meet our amazing ACT Community Sector Ambassadors, learn about their career journey and share their passion for supporting the Canberra community.

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Name: Sharon
Pronouns: She/Her
Role: CEO
Sub-Sector: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People|Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD)|Health|Mental Health
History: Career change community

Sharon joined the community sector mid-career after 18 years in health and social policy with the Commonwealth Government and working privately in public affairs / government relations. Sharon’s interest in population health continued throughout her career, but the switch to the community sector was completely unexpected She never envisaged working in the alcohol and other drugs sector.

Sharon first joined the Board of Karralika as part of her commitment to ‘giving back’ to services in the community where she was raising her family. It didn’t take long before she knew she wanted to work at a organisation that was having such a powerful and positive impact in the lives of people and families. The alignment of Sharon’s personal values and Karralika’s purpose made sense. She left her job and joined as Services Director, later becoming the CEO. That was 11 years ago. She’s still loving it and learning every day


Being part of the community sector has been exciting, challenging, sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding. There are too many benefits to list, but it boils down to being part of something bigger than yourself, where our essential work supports others in the community in a way that is needed, valued, and purposeful.

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