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Meet our amazing ACT Community Sector Ambassadors, learn about their career journey and share their passion for supporting the Canberra community.

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Name: Shane
Pronouns: He/Him
Role: Community Engagement
Sub-Sector: Advocacy|Aged Care|Community Development|Education and Training|Health|LGBTIQA+|Mental Health
History: Career change community

Shane volunteered at Meridian for several years before becoming employed there. As a volunteer he was given the opportunity to learn and contribute to the wonderful and valuable work they do, as well as the goals they have for the future. He very quickly identified that Meridian’s values aligned with his own and jumped at the opportunity to work there.

Shane moved into the community sector after over a decade of experience working in management within security and retail. After discovering his passion for advocacy, working with people from diverse walks of life, and contributing to positive change for our communities he knew that this was the right direction for him.

Since beginning in his new role, Shane has been given countless opportunities to further his skills and knowledge through training, education, and overwhelming support with his professional development plan. Words cannot begin to describe how rewarding and fulfilling this change has been.


I’ve been in the community sector for just under a year now. The biggest change for me was the impact that it made on the person I was. I felt a sense of accomplishment and I felt that overflow into the rest of my life. I was an entirely different person just because I felt satisfied and fulfilled by my role. I was a more at peace person, I was a more content person. Being able to impact and have that sense of accomplishment every day and knowing that you genuinely made a difference.

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