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Meet our amazing ACT Community Sector Ambassadors, learn about their career journey and share their passion for supporting the Canberra community.

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Name: Hannah
Pronouns: She/Her
Role: CEO & Founder
Sub-Sector: Advocacy|Children and Young People
History: Career change community

Hannah’s introduction to the community sector was a unique one, and started back in 2017 when she was on maternity leave with her second child. After wanting to donate her second-hand baby items to those in her community in need and not finding easy avenues to do this, she decided to do something about it, and started Roundabout Canberra; a registered charity which rehomes baby and children’s goods to local families in need.

For the first few years, Hannah ran Roundabout as a volunteer alongside her paid job in the Commonwealth Public Service. Through this experience she was introduced to the world of fundraising, grant-writing, volunteer management, and not-for-profit governance and reporting.

In 2022 she resigned from her job in the public service to take on the paid role of CEO at Roundabout, and hasn’t looked back. She receives immense satisfaction from working with a passionate and dedicated team of staff and volunteers, working alongside a network of community services across the Canberra region, and making a material difference in the lives of families in need.


For me, it’s just about feeling like you’re doing something good every day. My background’s been in the public service, which is a lovely, stable place to work, but you don’t get out of bed knowing that you’re going to go and do something wonderful and help people in a really meaningful way. My experience of being in the community sector has been that you do that every day and it’s pretty special.

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